Summary Matthew 6:1-4


When you can do good, do not defer it (POLYCARP), because alms deliver from death (POLYCARP, CYPRIAN). 

Fasting is better than prayer, but almsgiving is better than both (SECOND CLEMENT).
If you do alms, let no one know it (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA).
If we do alms before men, to appear philanthropic, and to be honored because of philanthropy, we receive the reward from men (ORIGEN). Everyone who is instructed into the hope of the heavenly kingdom is commanded to give alms (CYPRIAN).
By almsgiving and faith sins are purged (CYPRIAN, LACTANTIUS). 

Neither hesitate to give, nor murmur when you give (THE DIDACHE).
Those that do good are taught not to boast, lest they become men-pleasers (THEOPHILUS OF ANTIOCH).
God, who stands in need of nothing, takes our good works to Himself for this purpose, that He may grant us a reward of His own good things (IRENAEUS).

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