Summary Matthew 6:25-34


We should not be anxious concerning clothing and food (MATHETES).
We are not to provide for ourselves costly clothing any more than variety of food (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA).
“Do not think,” He says, “about food;” and as an example of clothing we have the lilies (TERTULLIAN).
We are not to be disturbed with anxieties about our food and clothing, but, while living in plainness, and desiring only what is needful, to put our trust in the providence of God (ORIGEN). 

God prohibits care to be taken about tomorrow’s food and clothing, promising that He knows what is needful for each of His servants (TERTULLIAN). 

God feeds the birds, and daily food is afforded to the sparrows; and to creatures which have no sense of things divine there is no want of drink or food (CYPRIAN). 

“But seek first the kingdom of heaven, and its righteousness,” for these are the great things, and the things which are small and relate to this life “shall be added to you” (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

For since all things are God’s, nothing will be wanting to him who possesses God, if God Himself is not lacking to him (CYPRIAN).
The nations of the world seek after luxury, voluptuousness, rich cooking, dainty feeding, and gluttony (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA).
He enjoins them to lay aside the cares of this life, and depend on the Father alone (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA).

He who has begun to be Christ’s disciple, renouncing all things according to the word of his Master, ought to ask for his daily food, and not to extend the desires of his petition to a long period (CYPRIAN).

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