Summary Matthew 5:27-30


Instead of that commandment, “Do not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14; Deuteronomy 5:18), the Lord forbids even lust (IRENAEUS). 

The Lord teaches us not only not to sin in act, but even in thought (THEOPHILUS OF ANTIOCH, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

Lust leads the way to fornication and adultery (THE DIDACHE). 

He who wishes to commit adultery is an adulterer, although he does not succeed in committing adultery (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

He who looks upon a woman, even though he escapes the temptation, does not come away pure of all lust (HIPPOLYTUS). 

It is not lawful among Christians to indulge in a lustful look (ATHENAGORAS). 

These precepts are to be literally observed (ORIGEN). 

We shall give account to God not of deeds only, but even of our thoughts (IRENAEUS, HERMAS, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

The mind is polluted by the desire, though unaccomplished (LACTANTIUS). 

Better is the kingdom of God to a man with one eye, than the fire to one who is unmutilated (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

We cannot take literally the passage in the Gospel in which the right eye is said to cause one to stumble (ORIGEN). 

Hell [Gr. Gehenna] is the fire of the coming judgment and of eternal punishment, reserved for the ungodly (POLYCARP),
       a place where those are to be punished who have lived wickedly (JUSTIN MARTYR), eternal fire (IRENAEUS),
       a reservoir of secret fire under the earth for purposes of punishment (TERTULLIAN),
       a place of eternal punishment (ORIGEN, CYPRIAN).

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