Summary Matthew 7:7-12


They who serve Him shall obtain their requests, but they who do not serve Him shall receive nothing (HERMAS). 

“Ask, and it shall be given to you,” is said to those who are able of themselves to choose what is best; “Seek, and you shall find,” holding on by the truly royal road, and not deviating (CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA). 

Our additional wants and petitions have the right after the Lord’s prayer (TERTULLIAN).
We will not obtain what we ask if we do not agree in prayer (ORIGEN, CYPRIAN).
Who then is he that asks, but he who has obeyed Jesus when He says, “If you stand praying, believe that you receive, and you will receive?” (ORIGEN). 

The Lord is here comparing the father after the flesh, and the eternal and liberal love of God the Father (CYPRIAN).
He who loves his neighbor would pray and labor that his neighbor may be possessed of the same benefits as himself (JUSTIN MARTYR).
Christians never do to others what they would not wish to happen to themselves (ARISTIDES).
We have a law which makes the measure of righteousness to consist in dealing with our neighbor as ourselves (ATHENAGORAS).
We should do that which is right, and which we love and are pleased to have done to us likewise (BARDESANES).
In this command is no doubt implied its counterpart: “And as you would that men should not do to you, so should you also not do to them likewise” (THE DIDACHE, TERTULLIAN).
If one prevails in the keeping of the two commandments, he fulfills the whole Law and the prophets (ARCHELAUS).

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