Summary Matthew 7:24-29


Only those who believe in Him and do His will are the sons of God (IRENAEUS).
We have power over our own will, and possess in ourselves the causes either of our salvation or of our ruin (ORIGEN).
We ought therefore to stand fast on His words, to learn and do whatever He both taught and did (CYPRIAN).

The most devout was found to be like the rock on which the house was built with the most solid foundations; and when the rain descended, and the floods and the winds burst in and beat upon that house, it stood firm: for it had been built on the most solid and immoveable foundations (ARCHELAUS). 

The Lord made known the future destruction in the Gospel (ANONYMOUS).
His word was the power of God (JUSTIN MARTYR). 

His divine discourse gave forth both power and grace, building up rather than pulling down the substance of the Law and the prophets (TERTULLIAN).

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