Summary Matthew 6:19-21


Let your treasures be your good works, that you may receive the gift of God (IGNATIUS).  

Instead of lands, therefore, buy afflicted souls, according as each one is able, and visit widows and orphans, and do not overlook them; and spend your wealth and all your preparations, which you received from the Lord, upon such lands and houses. (HERMAS). 

The wealthy among us help the needy (JUSTIN MARTYR). 

Christians do not not acquire or possess treasures upon earth (IRENAEUS). 

He who has sold his worldly goods, and given them to the poor, finds the imperishable treasure, “where is neither moth nor robber”

There is a certain treasure on earth where the Lord forbids treasure to be stored up; there is another treasure in heaven where He commands all the faithful to lay up their wealth (ORIGEN). 

He sins, who, preferring himself and his children to Christ, preserves his wealth, and does not share an abundant estate with the poverty of the needy (CYPRIAN). 

Why do you fear to make a frail and perishable good everlasting, or to entrust your treasures to God as their preserver, in which case you do not need to fear thief and robber, nor rust, nor tyrant? (LACTANTIUS). 

The Lord tells us that he becomes perfect and complete who sells all his goods, and distributes them for the use of the poor, and so lays up for himself treasure in heaven (CYPRIAN).
For where his treasure is, there also is the mind of a man (JUSTIN MARTYR, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA).

But where your heart shall be, there shall be your treasure (TERTULLIAN).

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